Saturday, July 16, 2011

Los Angeles.....Good Times!

Yeah, so I spent a couple days in LA help one of my old BFF's move.  It was way too much fun!  She happens to be one of the sexiest Latina Diva's I've ever seen, and she's almost as sexual as me.  Almost!  She's a newbie in the porn industry, and I'm sure she'll be a household name before long.  I say she's almost  as sexual as me because she has made a career out of it.  She gets PAID for it.  I don't!

So after a few shots of Tequila and a night of sweaty dancing, we found ourselves in a "unknown" area of town.  Yeah, we didn't know where the fuck we were!  So, after we laughed hysterically in the dark of the night, we had some fun sucking some unsuspecting dicks!

It gets me hot just thinking about it!  We pulled a sad looking guy off of his barstool in a corner bar and dragged him into the alley and gave him a tag-teamed blowjob he'll never forget!  And when we were done, we just laughed, ran away and hailed a cab.  That skinny little bastard didn't know what hit him.

Before heading back to her new condo, we stumbled upon a guy on a bench in the park.  I'm not sure if he was homeless or not, but either way, it was his lucky night!  Tia sat on his lap and shook her tits in his face before heading down on his knob.  We sucked the old guy off, and he was still hard!  He wanted more, but once again, we ran off laughing.  It was pitch dark and way later than the first guy, so there were no cabs around, and we had to run a few blocks, but it was exhilirating!  It was way more fun than ding dong ditch!

Wonder what we should call this game?

Friday, July 15, 2011

What makes you hot?

I've always thought I was a bit more sexual than anyone else, but when I read some of my favorite Erotica authors on Smashwords, I realize I am not alone!

So, what turns you on?  Everyone has an internal favorites "turn-on list", and I think maybe they're natural, or they develop from our experiences.  My favorite part of reading Erotica is when I actually discover a new area of turn-on.

Like the time I read a story by Sid Whiskey, and it was about a horny cop with a big boner, and he trolled the streets at night looking for drunk women to pull over and screw.  That story got me unbelieveably hot!