Monday, June 4, 2012

Grandpa's Naughty Nurse

Oh yes!  More frisky Grandpas!  What would you do if you stumbled onto your Step-Grandpa, or anyone else's Grandpa for that fact, getting it on with their buxom blonde nurse?  And.....  What if you were stuck in his master bathroom with no other way out?  Would you watch for a bit through the cracked door?  What if you got turned on?  Oh my, the fun of erotica!  Maybe you would react the same way as Cady, and maybe you wouldn't, but either way, you're welcome to come along for the ride......

A little snipped:

"Oh, but you're such a bad Grandpa.  If you don't behave, I'm going to spank you.  You wouldn't want me to do that, would you?"  I heard a voice from the bedroom.
What the fuck?  The nurse is abusing Grandpa?  I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  Maybe I heard it wrong.  I sat perfectly still in the tub as I tried to listen.
It sounded like the nurse, but it couldn't be.  I'd met her a couple of times, and she seemed really nice.  Her name was Elaine, and she was real soft spoken and gentle.   She was in her mid-thirties, I'd guess.  Maybe forties.   Long blonde hair and a really hot body, so I figured Grandpa enjoyed eye-fucking her, but I couldn't imagine her beating or spanking him.
"I might have a fever.  You'll have to take my temperature," I heard Grandpa say.
"Yes, and you're such a naughty boy, I'm taking it rectally," she said.
Who the hell is that? I wondered.  It sounded like Elaine, the nurse I'd met, but maybe not.  I took the washcloth off my eyes and sat up straight in the tub.
"I've been so sick lately.  I need a thorough check-up," he said.
"Oh you poor thing.  Wow Grandpa, look at this!  You're already so hard.  This might be part of your problem," she said.
"Oh yes.  Ahh… yeah," he moaned.
What the fuck?  I thought. He hasn't been sick!   I slowly got up on my knees in the water, trying not to make a sound.  I stood still on my knees for a few minutes while I listened to moaning coming from the bedroom.  I grabbed the side of the garden tub and slowly raised one knee at a time until I was standing up straight and stepped out in slow motion.  When I got out completely, I reached over and swiped my pink fuzzy towel off the towel bar and wrapped it around my goose bumped body.  The central air was on full blast, and my nipples were hard as soon as my wet body hit the air.
I took two steps off the bath mat onto the marble floor and stopped to listen again as I heard her giggling from the bedroom, and I knew it was Elaine.  I'd heard her laugh before.  It sounded like they were joking around, but it also sounded sexual.  I wasn't sure, but I felt trapped in the bathroom.  There was no other way out.
I tiptoed closer to the bathroom door, and it was still ajar the way I'd left it.  It was only a small space.  About a finger's width open, but no more, and I could see the bed.  Only the top corner of the bed, and I could only see the beige comforter.
"Oh you're probably so full.  We'll have to release this," she said.
"Oh yes, it's aching," he said.
With one finger, I slowly pushed the door open about an inch so I could see more of the room.  There they were!  Grandpa Schwenk was lying on the bed naked, and Elaine was on top of him straddling his face and leaning forward while rubbing his balls.  She was still wearing the white top part of her nurses uniform, and had a stethoscope around her neck.
"Good Grandpa," she moaned as he licked at her pussy.
Holy shit, I thought.
"We'll release this soon," she said as she grabbed his gauze wrapped cock.
Elaine had his stiff cock wrapped in gauze like a little mummy.  They were doing some freaky shit.  Exactly the kind of stuff I wanted to do.  I wanted some kinky sex with a nurse, or a white haired old man, or a transvestite, or a dwarf maybe.  Something out of the ordinary always got me going.
"Oh yes," I whispered to myself as I opened my towel and started to cup my hand between my legs.
I watched as she crawled down between his legs and started to lick and suck on his balls.  With her head buried, I still kept getting glimpses of her wet tongue as it crested up near the top of his sack where it met his gauze wrapped cock.  He was writhing in pleasure, and kept trying to grab and stroke his cock, but every time he would, she would slap his hand away.
"Naughty boy, no release for you.  You let your nurse take care of everything," she said as she pulled her face away from his balls.
I couldn't see his balls from my angle.   I only had a side view, but his erect cock looked like a big totem pole.  I'd never seen him hard before.  It stood up straight and curved back towards him at the end.
How many pussies has he buried that cock into?  I fantasized as I licked my finger and slid it up and down my clit.
I stood naked and watched as I let my towel drop to the floor.  My nipples stayed erect as I peered into the bedroom.  They begged to be acknowledged, so I pinched and twisted each one at the same time as I leaned closer into the door crack as Elaine dangled her tits in Grandpa's face.  I watched as she started to grind her ass into his cloaked cock and shake her big tits back and forth as they rubbed across his cheeks and mouth.  He reached up with two hands and squeezed them together and sucked hard on her nipple.