Monday, March 4, 2013

FREE Erotica Ebooks!

It's been such an amazing and prosperous year for me, and I've decided to share two of my favorite stories for FREE.  I'm grateful for the opportunities to share in this awesome world of Ebooks.

Seriously, I truly believe that as humans we must express our sexuality.  There are risky ways of expression, and I find erotica to be a safe way - whether you read it or write it.  Erotica is sex of the mind, and it's the biggest factor in sex in the first place.  But with erotica, you're really not cheating, the maid wasn't really violated, no babysitters were harmed, no bodily fluids were exchanged, and the spankings that you were just a part of.... they left no marks.  Through erotica, you can be anyone, do anyone, watch whomever you please, and do it safely.  So I say - DEVOUR YOUR EROTICA!

Have fun with it, and remember how lucky we are to live in such a great time where such things are readily available.  I'm sharing the two stories that I've had the most fun writing:


Both Ebooks are FREE on Smashwords!