Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Naughty, Naughty Grandpa!

Kendra is a young and spoiled virgin.  When her mom tells her that they can't afford her college tuition, she sends her young and na├»ve daughter to see if wealthy and powerful Step-Grandpa Jensen will help out.  He is happy to help, but Grandpa has needs too. 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Like Truckers?

Who doesn't, right?

Young Lexi goes on a road trip with her trucker Daddy, and while at a truck stop in South Carolina, she finds herself turning on all the truckers!  Lexi's young titties were the prize in her Daddy's arm wrestling match, and when he loses, things get hot.  So hot that even big Daddy himself gets involved as his trucker buddies violate, penetrate, and juice up his young daughter's immature body.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Daddy's Biker Buddies is ready to read!

Warning!  This story is HOT.  Possibly too hot for some, and WAY too hot for anyone younger than 18!

While Victoria's parents are away in Daytona for a motorcycle rally, she throws a wild and crazy party.  A couple of her daddy's biker buddies stop over to collect a debt and find young and vulnerable Victoria defying her parent's wishes and partying into the night.  The horny bikers want to man-handle and violate her young and immature body in exchange for their silence.

Sound fun?  ;)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Another Soap Opera Cancelled!

I don't watch soap operas (I don't have time), but I like knowing they're there for my viewing enjoyment.  They're like an old friend that's always there, and it's not hard to catch up once you reconnect.  You can miss a year, and during a snowstorm, flick on As the World Turns and see what's going on.  It can take a few mintues, "hmm...   wow, Carly's sleeping with Ryan.  Okay, guess she's not with Jack.  Didn't see that one coming."

Without Soap Operas, the world won't be the same!  What on earth will sick kids watch when they're home for the day?  Sick on the couch with the flu, there's nothing better than a hot and steamy Soap!

Most of my adolescent sex-education came from Soap Operas!  The love triangles, afternoon romps, and passionate kisses always inspired my young mind.  I owe a ton of my imagination's depth to those long ago sick days.

Farewell Soap Operas, you will be missed.  I guess kids will have to read e-books instead!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dreaming of a sexy farm boy.......

Ah yes!  Perfect!  Seducing The Farm Boy is ready and waiting. 

Middle-aged Margaret finds herself alone in the field with young and handsome Billy the farm boy as he tries to keep the horses from mating.  Billy's weakness puts his job in jeopardy as he fails to keep the horses apart.  Margaret reassures him that he did all he could, and maybe they should just sit and watch the horses for a while.  Young Billy gets hot and Margaret finds herself seducing the farm boy as she follows the horse's lead and gets mated herself!

And for a limited time - this story is just $ 0.99!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Naughty Sorority Girls!

The girls of the Delta Slut Sorority are very naughty, and during one of their hot games of truth or dare, Megan is dared to bang her sexy step-daddy during spring break, or risk getting kicked out of the sorority!

Who doesn't like sorority girls?  If you don't, then it's only because you've never met a bunch like the Delta Slut girls!

This was such a fun piece, I think I'll give you a little:

"Get over here, you little skank," Bree ordered.
"Yes," I said.
"Yes WHAT?  You little skanky bitch.  It's yes master.  You are nothing more than a little pledge on the totem pole of the Delta Slut Sorority.  Now get over here and lick my shoe!"
"Yes master," I said as I started to lick the bottom of her black spike heel.
"Now that's better my slutty little pet," she said as she pet my head like a dog.
"Mmm," I moaned as I ran my tongue up and down her heel.
"You see, Megan, it doesn't have to be bad.  We can have fun with it, and you can be my number one slut."
"Hey you, pledge Katie!  You little bitch, get the fuck back over there on your knees.  I never said you could get up.  How the hell are we supposed to train you?  Stay on your knees where you belong."
Without saying a word, Katie crawled back over to the couch where Bree had ordered her to get on her knees.
"Now get in front of Allie.  She's your owner for the day.  Bow in front of her!  Bow I said!"  Bree yelled.
Katie pulled her short blonde hair behind her ear and bowed before Allie.  Allie smiled back at Bree, and they both sat with their slutty slaves on their knees in front of them.
"Rub my feet," Bree said as she took her high heel off.  "These things hurt.  And I want lotion.  Get the lotion and rub it on my feet.  Now."
I scurried like a jackrabbit to the bathroom, grabbed the lotion, and knelt before Bree in only a few seconds.  Years of being a varsity track superstar had paid off.  I still had the firm toned legs and hard ass to prove it.  College life hadn't gotten the best of my figure yet.
"I didn't say you could sit on your ass!  Pledge Katie, I'm getting sick and tired of your disrespect.  Get back on your knees and lick Allie's ass cheeks.  Go now, hurry up.  Do we need to get a leash for you?"
Allie pulled her cotton shorts down over her hard bump of an ass and exposed a firm tan ass with a white thong tan line.  She slid her knees down on the floor and her chest was down against the couch cushion.  She wiggled her ass back in forth in anticipation.
"Now lick those round cheeks," Bree said with a smile.
Katie grabbed Allie's ass cheeks and squeezed them together before lapping around on her cheeks like a dog.  Allie started to moan with pleasure and I continued to rub Bree's feet with lotion.
Katie's blonde hair was getting suck to Allie's wet ass, and she had to keep pulling it back.  When she had it tucked back, she started to get into it.  She had two hands on Allie's ass, and she was squeezing and needing it as she licked and sucked the flesh of her ass.
"Here, you want to rub it?  Rub some lotion on her ass.  Give her a nice ass massage slave," Bree said as she threw the lotion over on the couch towards Katie.
I was on the floor giving a fucking foot rub, and Katie was having all the fun!  As a sorority pledge, you never knew what you'd have to do, and I loved the challenge.
Katie was on her knees behind Allie, and she was sliding her lotion-slathered hands all over Allie's ass.  She had so much lotion that she started to glide her hands down Allie's thighs.  Allie was a cheerleader, and a couple of years ahead of us, so her thighs were defined and muscular.  I'd gotten the pleasure of licking them as part of my slave duties about a week ago.
Bree said she's training us to be the best little sluts possible.  Not only does the Delta Slut Sorority have strict guidelines, but the training is rigorous.
If you are not absolutely fucking hot, you cannot be in the Delta Slut Sorority.  If you were hot, and one day you're not, Bree will kick you out.  I've seen it happen.
"Oh yes," Allie said as Katie rubbed her inner thighs.
"See, now look at what you've done.  Slave Katie, you naughty little slut, you've gone and turned her on!  You bad bad girl!  Now roll her over and lick her clit.  Now!  She needs release you naughty thing," Bree ordered.
"Yes master," Katie said without hesitating.  She pulled Allie's little orange cotton shorts down and Allie pulled one of her legs out of the leg hole and spread her legs on the couch.  Her ass was almost hanging off the couch.  Katie dove right in with her tongue and started to flick.
"Oh shit, you go right for it don't you," Allie moaned as she leaned her head back into the couch.
Bree stood up, slid her feet back into her shiny black spike heels and walked over behind Katie to inspect her job.
"You are a very bad girl.  Naughty little slut," Bree said as she slapped Katie's ass.  "You get spanked when you're a bad girl.  Don't you?  I didn't hear you."
"Yes master," Katie said as she spun her head around.
"You need to keep up with the shaving Allie.  Letting it slide a little aren't we?" Bree said as she rubbed her fingers up and down Allie's pussy.
She didn't have much hair at all, but Bree wanted us to be clean-shaven at all times.  She said there was only room in the Delta Slut Sorority for clean pink pussies.  We had to be the hottest, most desirable girls on campus, and she wouldn't settle for less.
"Yes sister," Allie said to Bree.
Allie was a junior, and she was superior to us, but Bree was a senior, and she was our senior sister, but she preferred to be called master when we were in our sorority house.
"Look at that cute little clit.  It's the cutest little pink button I have ever seen," Bree said as she slid her finger up and down Allie's clit.  "Get back in there and finish your job," she said to Katie.


Naughty Sorority Girls: Truth or Dare - Bang Your Daddy! is a hot hot hot read and it starts off right in the middle of some sexy sorority girl-on-girl.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Daddy's Glory Hole is ready and waiting!

How do you really know who's on the other side of a glory hole?

Courtney and her friend Trish go into a local porn shop (just for fun of course), and discover weird holes in the walls on their visit to the bathroom.  They embark on a glory hole adventure and make some guy very happy. 

During a Step-Daddy shoe shopping trip, she watches her sexy Step-Daddy sneak into that same porn shop.

But where did he go?  Courtney finds herself on the other end of a glory hole.  Could it be her Daddy who sticks his cock in the hole?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Where do my stories come from?

That is a good question.  I don't know exactly, but sometimes it seems like an idea strikes like lightning.  I find sexy things or things that turn me on throughout my day.  Sometimes something on the news, a commercial, a conversation, an advertisement, etc..  But the actual story doesn't come together until I tap into the creativity brainwaves and merge them with my lifetime of experience and knowledge.  As writers, we draw from what we know.  Maybe we don't know it ALL, but we know enough!  :) 

I always ask lots of "what ifs?", for instance:  What if my dad was a trucker and I went on a long haul road trip with him and a group of his fellow truckers wanted to bang me?  Hmm...  That could be interesting.  Have I ever had a gang-bang with a group of truckers before?  No, but I do think that groups of truckers have WANTED to do me.  See, inspiration is everywhere!

Our real life memories are the best platforms because they are original, and we have the emotional turbo-boosters behind them to propel the story into something immensely hot. When I was fifteen, I brought my friend Kayla on vacation with us, and we were exploring the little lake-side community one day.  We walked past a yard sale, and there were card tables set up with purses and handbags of every color, and tons of shoes lined up in the grass.  High heels, tons of high heels in every color in rows.  This scene of course, caught my young eye, so Kayla and I stopped to look.  There was an older guy doing yardwork, and he came over to see if we needed any help.  He was wearing denim cut-off shorts, and I had to do a double take because his hard cock was sticking out of a rip in the denim!  Just to the side of the zipper.

I got nervous and shuffled my friend back out to the sidewalk.  Kayla wasn't the brightest girl in the world, and when I asked her if she saw that old guy's dick sticking out of his shorts, she didn't!  How could you miss it?  I'd never seen a man's cock at that point and it made me nervous at first, but over the years I've thought about that man.

Was it an accident?  Did his erect cock just fall out of his jeans?  No, I think this guy wanted us to see his manhood or maybe he was looking for some action.  I wonder what he would have done if Kayla and I wanted his protruding cock.....  What would he have done if we just grabbed it?  Was it his fantasy to seduce a couple of teenage girls and get us into his back yard for a threesome?  I guess I'll never know the answers, but I have great little pieces of my life that might someday find themselves in one of my stories.

Brimming with what ifs right now!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oh Yeah!!!! Daddy's Hunting Buddies

Daddy's Hunting Buddies is ready for your reading pleasure!  Oh Yeah! (in my best Pauly D voice, of course)

Ever wonder what would happen to your hot little body if you happened to stumble upon a hunting lodge full of big strong and horny men?  There's nothing hotter than a cabin full of burly, bearded, beer drinking, pick up truck driving, porn watchin' hot men!  And, if it's a bit too wild for your real-life adventures, I will let you live vicariously through ME!  That's the fun of reading erotica.  Through your e-reader, you can be anyone you want, bang whomever you please, have a new one every day (several if you wish), and there's no mess to clean up!  Ah well, maybe just your own.

Daddy's Hunting Buddies is a super hot read.  While Peyton's Daddy is out hunting, she delivers some beer and bread to the cabin.  A few of the guys have stayed at the cabin while the others went out for the afternoon hunt, and they are happy they did when Peyton arrives.  With a cabin of guys, some beer, porn, and a hot young college girl, what could happen?

Mile High Kim

Mile High Kim is a spontaneous and very hot story about a young college girl on an airplane with her cranky Grandmother, and she spots an older handsome guy nearby.  They converse briefly, and she's already hot for the guy!  She gets a big hot surprise when she opens the bathroom door and finds Mr. Handsome standing there with his pants down!

What on earth is a girl to do?  What would YOU do?

OH, this story gets me hot just thinking about it!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

New title available!

Milking My Meat is now available!  Brad's mission to find a warm wet mouth lands his cock between the slippery lips of some college girls that milk his meat as they leave him with a new understanding of the nickname, Blowjob Queen.

Oh yeah!  This is an ALL oral story, and it's pretty HOT!  So hot, even your E-reader will get wet.....

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fat And Nasty Romp is now available!

Fat And Nasty Romp is now available on most ereaders!  Why just bang the guys that everyone wants?  Where's the challenge?  Josie is bored with hot buff men, and naughty sexy to her means, offering her body to a fat nasty old farmer.

Oh, but what would he do with her young, sexy, toned and tanned body? 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Erotica reading.....

Not only am I an Erotica author, but I really enjoy reading it!  And, I'm sure I'm not the only one!  It is such a fun field.  The past few nights I've enjoyed some great stories from some of my favorite authors.  One of the things I really enjoy about reading their stories, is how they're not my own.  I mean, we all have a different background, perspective, and writing style of our own.  So sometimes, it's nice to let someone else's dirty mind mingle around with mine......

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Los Angeles.....Good Times!

Yeah, so I spent a couple days in LA help one of my old BFF's move.  It was way too much fun!  She happens to be one of the sexiest Latina Diva's I've ever seen, and she's almost as sexual as me.  Almost!  She's a newbie in the porn industry, and I'm sure she'll be a household name before long.  I say she's almost  as sexual as me because she has made a career out of it.  She gets PAID for it.  I don't!

So after a few shots of Tequila and a night of sweaty dancing, we found ourselves in a "unknown" area of town.  Yeah, we didn't know where the fuck we were!  So, after we laughed hysterically in the dark of the night, we had some fun sucking some unsuspecting dicks!

It gets me hot just thinking about it!  We pulled a sad looking guy off of his barstool in a corner bar and dragged him into the alley and gave him a tag-teamed blowjob he'll never forget!  And when we were done, we just laughed, ran away and hailed a cab.  That skinny little bastard didn't know what hit him.

Before heading back to her new condo, we stumbled upon a guy on a bench in the park.  I'm not sure if he was homeless or not, but either way, it was his lucky night!  Tia sat on his lap and shook her tits in his face before heading down on his knob.  We sucked the old guy off, and he was still hard!  He wanted more, but once again, we ran off laughing.  It was pitch dark and way later than the first guy, so there were no cabs around, and we had to run a few blocks, but it was exhilirating!  It was way more fun than ding dong ditch!

Wonder what we should call this game?

Friday, July 15, 2011

What makes you hot?

I've always thought I was a bit more sexual than anyone else, but when I read some of my favorite Erotica authors on Smashwords, I realize I am not alone!

So, what turns you on?  Everyone has an internal favorites "turn-on list", and I think maybe they're natural, or they develop from our experiences.  My favorite part of reading Erotica is when I actually discover a new area of turn-on.

Like the time I read a story by Sid Whiskey, and it was about a horny cop with a big boner, and he trolled the streets at night looking for drunk women to pull over and screw.  That story got me unbelieveably hot!