Monday, January 23, 2012

First Anal With Grandpa

Yes, I've become somewhat obsessed with naughty Grandpas lately.  Well, I know that Grandpas can be very naughty.  At least the ones I've met.  They've lived long lives and had tons of life experiences.  Along with that comes numerous sexual experiences.  Yeah sure, there are some simple virgin-type Grampies that have done nothing more than dote on Granny for the past fifty years, but those aren't the Grampies I'm talking about.

My Grandpa stories are about the bad Grandpas.  You know, the horny old bastards! The ones that have a lifetime of hot sex and decades of experience under their belts, and they're bored.  They've run out of things to get them off, and they're eager to try new things.  Even their own Step-Granddaughters!  It seems like these guys will try just about anything.

And lucky you - you get to go along for the ride!

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