Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oh Yeah!!!! Daddy's Hunting Buddies

Daddy's Hunting Buddies is ready for your reading pleasure!  Oh Yeah! (in my best Pauly D voice, of course)

Ever wonder what would happen to your hot little body if you happened to stumble upon a hunting lodge full of big strong and horny men?  There's nothing hotter than a cabin full of burly, bearded, beer drinking, pick up truck driving, porn watchin' hot men!  And, if it's a bit too wild for your real-life adventures, I will let you live vicariously through ME!  That's the fun of reading erotica.  Through your e-reader, you can be anyone you want, bang whomever you please, have a new one every day (several if you wish), and there's no mess to clean up!  Ah well, maybe just your own.

Daddy's Hunting Buddies is a super hot read.  While Peyton's Daddy is out hunting, she delivers some beer and bread to the cabin.  A few of the guys have stayed at the cabin while the others went out for the afternoon hunt, and they are happy they did when Peyton arrives.  With a cabin of guys, some beer, porn, and a hot young college girl, what could happen?

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