Monday, November 14, 2011

Where do my stories come from?

That is a good question.  I don't know exactly, but sometimes it seems like an idea strikes like lightning.  I find sexy things or things that turn me on throughout my day.  Sometimes something on the news, a commercial, a conversation, an advertisement, etc..  But the actual story doesn't come together until I tap into the creativity brainwaves and merge them with my lifetime of experience and knowledge.  As writers, we draw from what we know.  Maybe we don't know it ALL, but we know enough!  :) 

I always ask lots of "what ifs?", for instance:  What if my dad was a trucker and I went on a long haul road trip with him and a group of his fellow truckers wanted to bang me?  Hmm...  That could be interesting.  Have I ever had a gang-bang with a group of truckers before?  No, but I do think that groups of truckers have WANTED to do me.  See, inspiration is everywhere!

Our real life memories are the best platforms because they are original, and we have the emotional turbo-boosters behind them to propel the story into something immensely hot. When I was fifteen, I brought my friend Kayla on vacation with us, and we were exploring the little lake-side community one day.  We walked past a yard sale, and there were card tables set up with purses and handbags of every color, and tons of shoes lined up in the grass.  High heels, tons of high heels in every color in rows.  This scene of course, caught my young eye, so Kayla and I stopped to look.  There was an older guy doing yardwork, and he came over to see if we needed any help.  He was wearing denim cut-off shorts, and I had to do a double take because his hard cock was sticking out of a rip in the denim!  Just to the side of the zipper.

I got nervous and shuffled my friend back out to the sidewalk.  Kayla wasn't the brightest girl in the world, and when I asked her if she saw that old guy's dick sticking out of his shorts, she didn't!  How could you miss it?  I'd never seen a man's cock at that point and it made me nervous at first, but over the years I've thought about that man.

Was it an accident?  Did his erect cock just fall out of his jeans?  No, I think this guy wanted us to see his manhood or maybe he was looking for some action.  I wonder what he would have done if Kayla and I wanted his protruding cock.....  What would he have done if we just grabbed it?  Was it his fantasy to seduce a couple of teenage girls and get us into his back yard for a threesome?  I guess I'll never know the answers, but I have great little pieces of my life that might someday find themselves in one of my stories.

Brimming with what ifs right now!

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