Monday, November 21, 2011

Another Soap Opera Cancelled!

I don't watch soap operas (I don't have time), but I like knowing they're there for my viewing enjoyment.  They're like an old friend that's always there, and it's not hard to catch up once you reconnect.  You can miss a year, and during a snowstorm, flick on As the World Turns and see what's going on.  It can take a few mintues, "hmm...   wow, Carly's sleeping with Ryan.  Okay, guess she's not with Jack.  Didn't see that one coming."

Without Soap Operas, the world won't be the same!  What on earth will sick kids watch when they're home for the day?  Sick on the couch with the flu, there's nothing better than a hot and steamy Soap!

Most of my adolescent sex-education came from Soap Operas!  The love triangles, afternoon romps, and passionate kisses always inspired my young mind.  I owe a ton of my imagination's depth to those long ago sick days.

Farewell Soap Operas, you will be missed.  I guess kids will have to read e-books instead!

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